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See where your website stands on search engines like google. Learn exactly what you need to do to improve.

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This quick SEO audit will help you identify key areas of your website that need improvement. If you’re falling behind your competitors on search engines like Google, or simply want to improve your rankings, then ensuring your site is following SEO best practices is critical.

You’d be surprised how many websites fail to follow basic SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) requirements and end up with lower rankings as a result. While you can hire someone to run a deep scan of your website, this typically isn’t necessary to fix small issues.

Our basic SEO audit is cost-effective and can help you understand exactly what you need to do to significantly improve your search engine visibility -- no matter your industry, niche, or vertical.
We audit 9 key areas of your website, including:
Google Analytics - Tracking your website’s performance is paramount for SEO. We’ll ensure Google Analytics is installed & configured properly.
Google Search Console - This free tool from Google lets you upload sitemaps and notifies you of any SEO/usability issues. Like Google Analytics, we’ll ensure Search Console is set up and configured properly.
Technical SEO - We’ll thoroughly check everything from response codes and broken links to redirect chains and URL structures.
Page Titles - We’ll ensure your page titles are the optimal length and aren’t duplications of another page (which is poor SEO practice!)
Meta Descriptions - This is the text that appears below the title on a search engine listing and helps users know what the page is about. Each meta description needs to be unique and a specific length to meet SEO best practices.
Headers - We’ll make sure your web pages and blog posts have the proper amount of unique header tags.
Site Speed - Did you know: 40% of users will abandon a web page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load? Making sure all of your web pages load quickly enough -- on ALL devices -- is crucial to decreasing bounce rates and increasing your SEO rankings.
Mobile-Friendliness - Every year, more and more users are viewing websites on mobile devices. This is why your web pages should be mobile-friendly.
Keywords Usage -We’ll make sure your web pages are utilizing the right target keywords, frequently enough, to attract the most relevant traffic.
Once our quick SEO audit is complete, we’ll send you an Excel report that will highlight any issues we might have uncovered, plus all of the key aspects of your website that need to be improved to boost your search engine rankings.

No Contracts.
No Hidden Fees.
Start Your Quick SEO Audit Now for a
One-Time Payment of $199.

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Optional Services We Offer

Google Analytics Setup
Includes expert installation of Google Analytics on your website to ensure your traffic, conversions, and key performance metrics can be tracked. 
One-time payment of $47
Google Search Console Setup
Includes set up of Google Search Console for your website, which will allow you to index pages for Google to crawl. This tool also notifies you of any SEO or usability issues. 
One-time payment of $47
Google My Business Setup
We’ll set up your entire Google My Business listing to ensure your website appears on local search results pages and on Google Maps. Users will also be able to call and review your business directly from your GMB listing. 
One-time payment of $97
Building 5 Citations For You!
Citations are an online reference to a business that features the business' name, address and phone number (NAP). It is used by Google to validate your business’ information, therefore improving your ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). We will set up five citations within directories in Canada for you.
One-time payment of $145
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