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What Do Our Customers Say?

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WP Expert is a trusted partner who goes above and beyond for their clients! Their responsiveness and solution-driven approach are unmatched.

Fred and team at WP Expert have been consistently ‘outstanding’ since I starting relying on them for website design, building and maintenance, for more than 5 years now. In particular, they handled unusual, quite difficult interface design requests with both technical competence and good-natured comraderie.

WP Expert has been a great resource for me! Fred has been very generous with his time and works hard to ensure his clients needs are being met. He is friendly, approachable and super knowledgeable. I will continue to use their services as I trust WP has my company’s best interest at heart.

WP Expert helped me build a brand new website for CMC, Co-operative and Mutuals Canada. They were incredibly helpful in finding solutions for our problems. The new website not only looks amazing, but it also includes a lot of build-in capacities that make my job easier in terms of content management while making this website incredibly user-friendly. Their approach in maintenance and hosting is also impeccable. I could not recommend them enough!


Wow factor! WP Expert is truly great client care. What a relief and weight of my shoulders when we moved our website over to WP Expert. I now have peace of mind that everything is being looked after properly which I didn’t have with our last provider. Priceless.

Great service and support is provided by WP Expert; professional, courteous, and timely responses to questions and concerns. Topnotch and worthy of recommendation.

Frederic was very helpful and helped resolve my issue quickly and effectively . It was also a pleasure to deal with him professionally. I highly recommend this company .

Mike Lupiano

Frederic and his team at WP Expert help me sleep better at night, knowing that they have the security and well-being of our website well in hand. Their response rate is great, and the quality and effectiveness of their service is impeccable. I am in good hands! Thank you!

Trevor Tynes

Fred and his team at WP Experts are exactly what their name suggests, WordPress Experts. They are amazing web designers in Ottawa and their wordpress maintenance plans are valuable investments which are back by amazing customer service, support and backups. I highly recommend this Ottawa web design team.

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