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What Do Our Customers Say?

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It was an absolute pleasure to work with WP Expert. Both Fred and Guido went above and beyond in every step of the way. We had a very complex project that many other companies were not able to do, however, WP Expert was able to. Our Diamondback Certification is now live and I highly recommend these experts with any web design needs. Thank you!

Frederic saved the day! Our website lost the ability to scroll vertically. No one knew how to fix it until the Fred and his team took a look. In no time, we were up and running and scrolling again!

There are no words to express my gratitude for the expertise and efficiency of WP Expert. They answered my email promptly and fixed my website problems immediately. They even went the extra mile to fix other issues (with my permission, of course) to enhance and optimize my website. They are the best! Gracious, knowledgeable, and efficient. Thank you, WP Expert! I look forward to continuing to work with your team.

Our company recently teamed up with WP Expert for our website support. This week we needed new content added on several pages, including videos. Frederic efficiently and expertly made the changes with only a few email exchanges between us. A task I thought was going to be stressful was made easy by WP Expert and I’m thrilled at the results. Thank you so much!

City View

WP Expert provides City View with excellent services regarding our website support. They answer emails, fix any problems and provide updates to our websites immediately and exactly as we request. They are the best! Thanks Fred and team for all you do. City View Retirement Management

We at the Canadian CED Network have been working with WP Expert for the past 9 years, supporting several of our WordPress through maintenance, backups, and development requests. We appreciate Fred and his team’s prompt and reliable service.

WP Experts have been fantastic to work with. They are fast, and the quality is an A+ Fred is also such a great person, so you are getting top-notch service and dealing with a down-to-earth guy who genuinely cares about you and your business.


As a sole practitioner at Nungisa Law, being able to rely and other professionals to alleviate my plate is imperative. Maintenance of my website is not something I want to worry about everyday. WP Experts are the best at taking care of that for my firm. Fred and his team are very responsive and they’re always looking at ways to improve their services. I wholeheartedly recommend their service. They are simply the best!

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