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CSS Matic - The ultimate CSS tools for WordPress web designers

CSSmatic is a "magic" tool for web designers to use when you want to quickly create one of these four CSS effects for one of your WordPress website: Gradient generator Border radius Noise texture and Box shadow It's super easy to use and can speed up your development time! Note: that CSSmatic is a non-profit […]

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Learn the Basics of SEO in 4 Free Videos from iThemes

Learn the Basics of SEO in 4 Free Videos SEO WEEK REPLAYS + SLIDES NOW AVAILABLE iThemes recently hosted SEO Week with their good friend and SEO expert Rebecca Gill. The information Rebecca presented was so great, they're sharing the webinar replays and slides with your community totally free. If you own a WordPress site […]

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The WordPress Security Learning Center - Wordfence

Protecting your site from attackers is important — deepen your knowledge of WordPress security with our collection of resources for everyone using WordPress. From WordPress security fundamentals to expert developer resources, this learning center is meant for every skill level. Learn and discover best practices in our in-depth articles, videos, industry survey results, helpful graphics […]

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Understand what DNS records are for your business.

Good article to understand what the DNS records are and how it can affect your business if you don't know what you are doing... Source: PDF file: Understanding what DNS records are for your business

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+400 Awesome Free Tools To Build Your Business

+400 Awesome Free Tools To Build Your Business Source: All Resources - Growth Supply

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Are you a beginner with WordPress? The How To series from WordPress TV will help.

If you are a beginner with WordPress and you see the dashboard for the first time, I definitely recommend you to watch this series of How To from More video is added every week. Good Luck! Help and tutorials for beginner and expert alike:

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Killer WordPress Checklist: 101+ easy steps to launch your next website!

This is the best Infographic Checklist I ever found. It's from the team at Capsicum Mediaworks LLP and they list each steps you have to go trough to setup your WordPress website. The name "Killer" is right because it's properly point out each requirement you need to check or do to have your site properly […]

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Keeping WordPress Secure - The Complete Guide to WP Security

WordPress Security: The Ultimate Guide An excellent article from WPMU Dev website. if you are concerned about your WordPress website security. Like most website owners, security was never top of my priorities. It was only when one of my websites was hacked that I realised how common it was for websites to be compromised by […]

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How Can Google+ Help increase Your SEO?

Google Plus was initially viewed as something of a failure by the social networking community. So far, it hasn’t proven to be the Facebook killer that everyone hoped it would be. Its user-base is nowhere near as expansive as Zuckerberg’s behemoth. But Google Plus has one major advantage: it’s made by the people behind the […]

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tool: How to Install WordPress Through SSH, CPanel, Plesk, FTP or Github

The WordPress platform is actually very simple to install to a Linux web hosting account. However, installation of the WordPress platform will differ based on the options that are provided with your hosting account. For example, some hosting accounts will utilize the CPanel administrative application for managing your hosting account. CPanel often includes software that […]

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