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3 Tips Every Entrepreneur Needs to Follow for 2018

By: Annika Peveril

3 tips for entrepreneurs in 2018

1. Turn it off to Increase Productivity

Everybody is guilty of getting distracted from work by scrolling through social media feeds or browsing the web. A healthy balance of work and life will increase your productivity. But how to achieve that mysterious balance everyone talks about. Here are a few tips you should try: schedule a set amount of time to work and then reward yourself with a fun activity. This will encourage you to work hard without any distractions. Turn off your notifications on your phone and computer to stay focused on your task. Make a list of all the things required to be completed. Crossing them off is satisfying and will motivate you to finish more tasks.

2. Keep a Memory Jar of Your Successes and Failures

I began this experiment last year and have found it therapeutic to write down the good and the bad. Find an old mason jar, keep it in a safe spot where you often are and write down the professional and personal successes and failures that happen throughout the year on pieces of paper. Put them in the jar until the end of the year when you begin your reflections. This will allow you to learn from your failures and look at them as ways you can improve. The successes will motivate you to keep going and do the things you enjoy.

3. Personalize Your Social Media.

This is a challenging task for introverts as it will draw attention to yourself. Your followers on social media don’t just want to hear about your product(s) or service(s), they also like the inside scoop. It’s appealing to them because it makes businesses genuine. You can humanize your social media content by incorporating your personal life, showing the behind the scenes of your business, introducing your employees, and sharing your daily tasks.

One way of personalizing your social media is through videos. Videos are an emerging trend in the marketing world. Live and promotional videos have been rapidly becoming the norm across industries and are very popular with followers because it gives your brand authenticity. People love knowing more about the company and feeling like they are along for the adventure.