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Did you know that your email server could be BLACKLISTED?!

By: Annika Peveril

Spam Filter on Red Keyboard Button

You may be asking yourself what the heck that might mean. In this scenario, an email blacklist is a real-time database that determines if an IP address is sending emails that could be considered spam. Resulting in key customers possibly not seeing your emails. Having your emails blocked makes it hard to communicate with customers, which can hurt the bottom line.

Now you are probably wondering why would a nice person like YOU be put on a blacklist?! Well, it’s not uncommon for a mail IP address to end up on a public blacklist, especially on a shared server.

Here are five reasons why you could be blacklisted:

  1. It could be due to the overall volume of emails coming from that server, or messages could seem to have characteristics of spam in them
  2. One common cause is email forwarders
  3. Your mail server may be improperly configured and actively manipulated by bad guys
  4. Software installed on your server may be exploited
  5. Your workstation may be infected and forced to send spam without your knowledge

Remember, you do not need to be a spammer to be included in an email blacklist. The worst is: blacklist maintainers will not notify you about including the IP of your mail server in their spam database. How would you know if you are on a blackmail list?

No worries! We can help make sure that your email server is not blacklisted! WP Expert can see what blacklists you have landed on by running a blacklist check on your domain name or IP address. Once that is established, we will be going through each blacklist procedure and will be figuring out how to remove it.

Even better, we are offering 20% off for the first 50 clients for our blacklist services!

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