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Knowledge Mobilization for Settlement


Project supported in 2019 in our giving back program

In many cases, the research is inaccessible to a busy, overworked, settlement practitioner audience. It usually also misses the WIIFM (What's In It for Me?) factor. Why should busy settlement practitioners take up their valuable time reading through a 100-page report? How will it make them better at their work? How will it improve their outcomes? Our goal with this project is to identify best practices, tools, resources & research & make information accessible to a time- & resource-strapped audience. This is why KM4S exists!

Screen capture of the Knowledge Mobilization for Settlement website

What We Have Created

We helped Marco with his vision to provide a site where you can easily find information and report for the settlement practitioners. We used WordPress with highly customized custom post types so he can organize the reports easily and in a way that makes sense for his audience.

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What Technology Did We Use?