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Boost Your Content Strategy Effortlessly


Transform Your Online Presence with Auto-Created Blog and Social Media Posts

Introducing our latest service designed to enhance your online presence with minimal effort on your part. Our web design agency now offers an automated blog and social media posting service, providing you with high-quality, AI-generated content that engages your audience and drives traffic to your website.

Service Overview

Starting Package: $337 per month

Content Booster: $137 per month (add-on to Starting Package – 4 extra blog posts)

How It Works

  1. Client Sign-Up: Sign up and access your customer dashboard.
  2. Initial Setup: Fill out a comprehensive form with personal, company, content, and social media information.
  3. Dashboard Management: Review and adjust your submitted information as needed.
  4. Author Management: Add, delete, or edit authors assigned to your blog posts.
  5. Topic Management: View and manage your blog topics queue. We auto-generate 4 initial topics and add 1 new topic each week (2 with a content booster). You can also add your own topics and you will have the option to modify or replace the ones we auto generate.
  6. Content Creation: Utilizing various AI programs, we create high-quality, researched, and engaging content tailored to your audience.
  7. Custom Images: AI-generated images are tailored to your article, including a featured image and three in-post images. Each image has a backup option for your preference.
  8. Duplicate Check: We analyze your existing blog posts to ensure no duplicates.
  9. Topic Research: We thoroughly research topics to provide the best information and facts.
  10. Link Collection: We gather relevant internal and external links for your articles.
  11. Categorization: We categorize blog posts based on your specifications.
  12. Author Assignment: The appropriate author is assigned to each blog post.
  13. Tone and Style: We maintain your desired writing style and tone of voice.
  14. SEO Optimization: Each blog post is SEO optimized, with auto-generated alt text for images and auto-filled fields for your SEO plugin (SEOPress, Yoast, Rankmath, All in One SEO). If you don’t have an SEO plugin, we will provide SEOPress.

Social Media Management

  1. Post-Publication: Once a blog post is published, we create unique social media posts for each channel.
  2. Diverse Content: Each blog post generates 1-4 social media posts per channel. The amount of posts differ per platform based on recommended amount.
  3. Wide Reach: We support Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile.

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