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Académie Ridaventure


Académie Ridaventure stands out as a distinguished BMW Motorrad partner school in Canada, dedicated to enhancing the motorcycle riding skills of enthusiasts across all levels. As one of the exclusive three partner schools in the nation, it offers customized training programs designed to elevate riding skills, boost confidence, and maximize enjoyment on every journey. Catering to a wide audience from novice explorers to seasoned adventurers, Académie Ridaventure is committed to providing an unparalleled riding adventure that begins the moment you join their program.

What We Have Created

For Académie Ridaventure, we crafted a website that aligns with their BMW partnership, focusing on a seamless brand experience. We implemented a simple custom payment solution linked to PayPal, bypassing the need for a complex ecommerce platform. This ensures an efficient and straightforward transaction process for users.

Our team designed custom banner images that reflect the adventurous spirit of the academy and its BMW affiliation, enhancing the site's visual appeal. Additionally, we developed an intuitive backend system, enabling the academy's staff to easily update content without compromising the site's integrity.

This collaboration has produced a website that not only embodies the essence of Académie Ridaventure and its prestigious partnership with BMW but also offers a user-friendly platform for motorcycle enthusiasts to engage with their programs.

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What Technology Did We Use?