SEO: Top 49 local citation sites in Canada

SEO: Top 49 local citation sites in Canada

We created a list of the Top 49 local citation sites in Canada where you can publish your business address information to improve your ranking in Google Local search.

Definition: A local citation is any mention of your business address and information anywhere on the internet; it includes of your company name, your phone number preferably local, complete address of your business, and your website URL. Citations in SEO are a very important key factor to improve your local search results.

Local citations can include, and not restricted, the information below for your company:

  • name (main name used by your company)
  • phone number (preferably local)
  • physical address (street, postal code, province and country)
  • main website

Here is the list of the top 49 local citations sites only for Canada.

NbCitation SiteListing URL
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