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Do you know the benefits of Having a WordPress Website Maintenance Plan in Place?

By: Frederic

Do you know the benefits of Having a WordPress Website Maintenance Plan in Place

If you have invested in a good website, it needs to be protected or it will be hacked and used to send out spam or sell adult toys or even worse: illicit drugs!

Who is the person in charge for your website if it happens?
What emergency plans do you have in place to reduce downtime and not losing any sales or leads?

WordPress Care plan is like paying for an insurance policy, but it is worth to protect your website if this one is generating leads or sales! (If it does not generate leads or sales, you definitely need to double check your site and see why it doesn’t convert.)

Here are the benefits of having a WordPress Maintenance Plan place:

  1. Worry-free, peace of mind for you, your business or company
  2. Never touch your website back end again when you have your maintenance in place
  3. A single point of contact for your website support
  4. Easily get support via email (no need to log into a client portal) without getting billed if your plan included support hours
  5. Insurance against downtime or emergencies with regular backups that provide a quick restore option
  6. Reputation protection – how bad would it be if your website was used to send out spam or even worse, spread a virus…

With our WordPress Maintenance Plans, we do regularly maintenance, and it ensures that your website performs and ranks well.

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