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Running a business in this day and age without an email address is essentially unfathomable. Think about all of the communication that takes place between your company and your customers via email. 

Depending on your business, and your website, you likely have email inquiries from potential customers along with questions and concerns from your existing customers coming in on a regular basis. In other words, having an email address is imperative to running your business successfully. However, while there are many free options out there — such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook — it’s important to avoid them for your business. 

These options might work great for personal email accounts, however, when it comes to your business, having a professional email address is key to building trust for your brand and helps prevent the emails you send from being sent to someone’s spam folder. For these reasons, and many more, spending the time and money on creating a professional email address for you and your entire staff (i.e. instead of is definitely worth it. 

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