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Set Entrepreneurial Goals for Your Business

By: Annika Peveril

How to Create Entrepreneurial Goals

Working hard but not getting there?

Struggling to fill your ambitions?

Any type of business needs to create entrepreneurial goals. The key is to create goals that will motivate you to work and will actually help your business improve. It’s a competitive world and all entrepreneurs are striving to be better.

Creating the goals and carrying them out are two different things. Be attentive and committed to construct and organize the goals. A growing business will have more than just a few objectives. A diverse selection of long-term and short-term are encouraged to be used to get better results. Thread your energy carefully between the two to complete goals in both categories.

Long-Term Goals

What do you want to accomplish? Why did you start this company?

Your answers are your long-term entrepreneurial goals! Review these objectives consistently as they could change and have to be adjusted throughout your journey. At times you may be eager to cut corners to be closer to success, but be thorough to really appreciate the victory when it comes. Minor accomplishes lead up to bigger ones, so acknowledge them all and realize that success isn’t always immediate.

Decide wisely where to spend your time and give yourself a deadline. Time management is important for long-term goals since they are to be carried out throughout a long period of time. Block time throughout to review the progress of the entrepreneurial goals. Re-evaluate them and adjust any timeline if there are obstacles in the way.

Short-Term Goals

Create SMART goals to clarify your ideas and stay focused on the relevant tasks. This method is easy to use by anyone and won’t need any training or tools to use.


Short-term goals need to be detailed unlike the long-term goals. Stay focused on keeping it sensible and clear as you want to be motivated to complete the objectives. Answer the six ‘W’ questions to create specific short-term goals: Who, What, Where, When, Which, and Why.


You will want to put a figure or value to the objective. Concrete criteria is used for measuring the progress to attain the desired goal. Track the progress and use this as a motivation to accomplish it. Ask yourself: “how much”, “how many”, and “how will I know when it is accomplished” to measure the goal.


The goals you create need to be attainable so you can achieve them. Make sure you know the steps that need to be taken and who will complete them. Will you be tackling the task(s), or will someone else in your team be? If you are assigning goals to an employee, make sure they have the knowledge and capability to succeed.


Don’t create unrealistic entrepreneurial goals, but do make them challenging. Consider your resources and make your goals worthwhile.


Remember that these are short-term goals and you need to know how much time it will take and how much time you can give to it. Set a deadline to keep things on track. By creating a target date, it will encourage you to focus on the end objective. Lay out what needs to be done and by what date it would be reasonable to complete them by. Give yourself enough time, but don’t be too generous. S.M.A.R.T

Ask Employee Input

A part of the entrepreneurial goal setting process is to work with your employees to co-create goals.

Your employees are working with you to make your business run smoothly and succeed. It’s helpful to you, and them, to include them and ask for their advice. Share with them any information necessary for your employees to help create and adjust goals. Don’t be afraid to hear criticism and welcome your employees to share their thoughts. It’s beneficial to have team meetings every week to share updates and see how things are running overal. Reward your employees who are working to create and achieve these goals.

Don’t forget that to be rewarded with great results, you should create short-term and long-term entrepreneurial goals!

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