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Richard Morello

Fred and Kevin have been a pleasure to work with on the development of our NGO website. Their level of professionalism, responsiveness and technical expertise is impressive. The website was delivered on schedule in spite of a number of revisions on our part during development. Kevin provided creative suggestions and input that significantly improved the impact and use of the website. When difficulties were encountered in the the installation of the website on a new host server, Fred quickly found a solution that enabled a successful launch. I highly recommend Fred and his WP Expert team to anyone looking for professional and timely website development.

Darshini Persaude

Fred and the WP Expert team have been fantastic and responsive to our needs. I would definitely recommend them.

Directrice Générale

Depuis longtemps, Frédéric offre au Centre espoir Sophie des services de bonne qualité, très réactif, il a su s’adapter à nos besoins et contraintes de fonctionnement. Nous lui en sommes reconnaissantes!

Jennifer Lang

I can not even begin to tell you how great it has been to work with Fred and the team at WP Expert. Fred has gone above and beyond to ensure that my website was everything that I had envisioned. He had to put up with me being late with content, amongst other things. When I needed a change made or wanted to add to my site. He was always understanding and super helpful. I would highly recommend Fred and WP Expert, they are creative, customer service oriented and the best in the business.


This team led by Fred is top notch. They are always available to troubleshoot any updates as needed and have been proactively managing and hosting several of our project websites for us without issue for several years. They've also worked closely with us to empower us to update and maintain or sites independently as well but are there when/if we need them. Special thanks to Fred for his outstanding service and deep technical expertise.

Desmond Hutchinson

WP are Experts at what they do, they make all efforts to meet customer requirements. Whenever, there are possible difficulties, WP find appropriate solutions.

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