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The Wolastoqey Nation in New Brunswick (WNNB) is an organization that serves the Wolastoqey communities by advocating for and supporting the recognition and implementation of their Aboriginal and Treaty Rights. The organization offers technical advice and support on environmental issues and projects that may affect these rights, focusing on aspects such as fishing, timber harvesting, and land use. WNNB aims to protect the interests and promote the welfare of the Wolastoqey people in New Brunswick.

What We Have Created

At WP Expert, we proudly brought to life the vision crafted by The Details Design for the Wolastoqey Nation in New Brunswick website. This collaboration highlights the Wolastoqey community's rich heritage and ongoing advocacy efforts. Our development ensures that the site's design not only represents but actively supports the organization’s role in upholding Aboriginal and Treaty Rights. With intuitive navigation and responsive features, the website stands as a vital tool for community engagement and empowerment, making information easily accessible to all visitors.

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