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The Marketing Works is a company that helps its clients improve their marketing performance by making better strategic decisions, developing healthier brands and identifying opportunities in the market. They are located in Ottawa, Canada and have a wide range of strategic marketing services that they offer to their clients.

What We Have Created

For this project, we have designed a whole new brand identity. When we started the client only had a name, logo and a vision. It was our job to turn that into a visually attractive website that serves their purpose.

To portray the strategic element of the brand we have used chess pieces. Chess pieces are the perfect representation of strategy because each piece has a different function and purpose. When used correctly, they can lead to victory. This is what The Marketing Works strives to do for their clients and what we wanted to have their brand identity reflect: lead brands to victory by helping them make the best possible marketing decisions.

In terms of colours we went with a dark shade of blue to give the photos a sense of mystery and used a consistent use of orange details that really stand out from it. The objective was to create an overall modern and clean look that stand out from the competition

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What Technology Did We Use?

  • WordPress
  • Oxygen framework
  • Toolset custom fields for specific sections on the site