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The Safer Supply Ottawa team is a collaboration between multiple organizations and healthcare professionals across the national capital region. Safer Supply Ottawa was established in 2020 as part of a Health Canada supported project to address the overwhelming need to introduce a new, intuitive, and patient-centered approach to the drug poisoning crisis. The Safer Supply Ottawa team works together and with the region’s healthcare and social support organizations to care for persons who use drugs. The team is dedicated to harm reduction and trailblazing a path forward to create a safer community for everyone.

Screen capture of the Safer Supply website

What We Have Created

The website for Safer Supply is designed to communicate trust and credibility to its visitors. We have done this by using a clean and clinical monochromatic blue color palette to convey a sense of professionalism and competence. The customized illustrations help to reinforce this message by communicating a consistent environment of healthcare professionals all throughout the site. By presenting a consistent and reliable image, the website provides visitors with the assurance that they will be receiving the best possible care for their drug related problems.

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What Technology Did We Use?