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Mooney's Bay is a pioneering project dedicated to reshaping the landscape of the Mooney’s Bay neighbourhood. With a mission to invest in real estate and social enterprise, they strategically disrupt entrenched inequality to pave the way for a shared future. Their holistic development strategies align capital with long-term community success, emphasizing the importance of investing in both people and places. The project aimed to offer a comprehensive platform that showcases the essence of Mooney's Bay, ensuring that visitors get a clear understanding of its offerings and significance.

What We Have Created

Our primary objective was to design and develop a website that truly represents Mooney's Bay, making it stand out as an independent project rather than just a subsection of another entity. To achieve this, we meticulously crafted a custom design, keeping in mind the client's vision and requirements. We introduced custom Gutenberg blocks and a WP theme, allowing the client to effortlessly adjust and customize the content as per their needs. This approach ensures dynamic content updates, keeping the website fresh and engaging for its visitors.

Furthermore, we prioritized inclusivity and made the website AA compliant with accessibility checks. This ensures that the website is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities, offering an inclusive online experience. Our dedication to creating an accessible platform reflects our commitment to ensuring that every visitor has an optimal browsing experience, irrespective of their abilities.

The client had a clear vision for the project, and we took pride in bringing that vision to life, designing the website in alignment with their expectations.

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What Technology Did We Use?