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Overview is a platform advocating for a life free from poverty for everyone. Their mission centers around the belief that to effectively address poverty, it is essential to tackle the underlying systems that perpetuate it. Embracing a human rights-based approach, the organization prioritizes the welfare and dignity of individuals. They strive to identify and address the systemic factors that keep people trapped in poverty, and empower individuals to demand change from their governments. By measuring progress based on the tangible improvements in people's daily lives, they seek to create a society where basic human rights are protected and poverty is alleviated through collective action.

Maytree Website

What We Have Created

Gravity Inc. has executed an outstanding web design for, and it thrilled us with the results. We converted the design to a website built on the WordPress CMS platform, featuring a custom WordPress theme and custom Gutenberg Blocks.

To enhance user experience, we meticulously organized and structured both the front and back-end of the website. The front-end showcases a user-friendly mega-menu, providing easy access to a wealth of information Maytree offers. By implementing parent and child connections within pages and sidebars, navigation throughout the website is intuitive and seamless. We incorporated dedicated sections for publications and stories, equipped with efficient navigation and filtering options for a smoother user journey. It was crucial to ensure full accessibility, making certain that every visitor can use the website with no hindrances.

On the back-end, the utilization of custom WordPress Gutenberg Blocks has significantly elevated Maytree’s content management experience. These tailor-made blocks offer an intuitive and effortless way for Maytree to update and change their content. With a seamless page-building experience, Maytree now has the freedom to mix and match pre-designed blocks, crafting unique layouts with no technical expertise.

Overall, the web design project has been a resounding success, delivering an exceptional user experience and empowering Maytree with powerful content management capabilities.

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What Technology Did We Use?