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"Little Box of Magic" is a Canadian website that offers art projects tailored for special needs children. Founded by Tania, a former teacher from Montreal with 20 years of experience, the company designs creative activities that foster motor skills, self-expression, and confidence in children, regardless of their skill level. The site features monthly art project subscriptions delivered to your door, along with digital downloads of various art activities. They aim to ignite creativity and provide an easy, joyful art-making experience for both children and their families.

What We Have Created

At WP Expert, we take pride in transforming visions into digital realities. For Little Box of Magic, we crafted an engaging, user-friendly website designed to connect children with special needs to the enriching world of art. Our collaborative approach combined with our expertise in web development allowed us to create a platform where simplicity meets functionality, offering easy access to creative projects that foster joy and expression. This site stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design in making art accessible to all.

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