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For almost four decades, Hope + Me has been a beacon of support for individuals diagnosed with mood disorders and their loved ones. Recognizing the transformative power of peer support, the organization is dedicated to providing understanding, empathy, and hope to those in need. Through their peers and volunteers, Hope + Me offers invaluable support to facilitate recovery and foster healthy lives for individuals facing similar diagnoses.

What We Have Created

As the web design agency partnering with Hope + Me, we took on the mission of creating a dynamic and accessible website that reflects their unwavering commitment to peer support and mental health advocacy.

Our primary focus was on designing and developing a website that caters to the specific needs of Hope + Me. With an easy-to-use system, we granted the client the flexibility to add, remove, or adjust Gutenberg blocks with ease. This allowes them to keep their website content up-to-date and relevant, ensuring that they can effectively communicate their mission and support services.

In line with Hope + Me's vision of inclusivity, we made the website AA accessible, ensuring that people with disabilities can navigate and engage with the content seamlessly.

Navigation was another vital aspect we addressed. To enhance user experience, we created a clean mega menu, offering easy and intuitive navigation throughout the site. This ensures that visitors can quickly find the information they need to seek support or engage with the organization's clinical programs and services.

By collaborating with Hope + Me, we have contributed to their mission of spreading hope and offering the best in peer support, clinical programs, and services to individuals diagnosed with mood disorders.

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What Technology Did We Use?