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Changing Minds With Youth


Changing Minds With Youth is a comprehensive mental health resource tailored specifically for transitional-age youth. They provideĀ a wealth of valuable information and tools, equipping young individuals to effectively manage their mental health challenges. From virtual and in-person Peer Support to engaging forums, this platform fosters connections and offers resources to ensure no one feels alone on their mental health journey.

What We Have Created

Our primary goal was to design and develop a website that resonates with the target audience, providing them with the support and resources they need to manage mental health challenges effectively. To achieve this, we focused on crafting an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows the client to easily add, remove, or adjust Gutenberg blocks. This approach ensures that the content can be updated dynamically, keeping it relevant and engaging for the youth visiting the site.

Moreover, we took accessibility seriously and made the website AA accessible, making it inclusive for all users, including those with disabilities. Our commitment to providing an inclusive experience is an integral part of empowering young individuals and ensuring they have equal access to valuable mental health resources.

Since their logo was only available in pixel based files with a diagonal orientation, we also did a remake of their logo to meet today's standards.

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What Technology Did We Use?