Why Choose WordPress Over Other CMS Solutions?

Why Choose WordPress Over Other CMS Solutions?

When it comes to content management systems (CMS); there is no other that is the foremost, most reputable and solidly established system. With hundreds of plug-ins and templates that have been tried, tested, and improved; there is no doubt that WordPress has staying-power, reliability, and credibility.

More than one million of the top websites on Alexa.com are websites produced by WordPress. Also, a staggering sixty million plus websites in use internationally are WordPress blogs. Other impressive WordPress statistics are:
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  • It is free
  • It is open source
  • Offers an impressive permalink structure
  • Supports tagging
  • Supports Trackback and Pingback
  • Has some mobile functionality
  • It is the most popular blogging and website platform used worldwide[/listitems]

Of course there are other content management systems that are available; but they are lacking in one area or another which results in them being less competitive in comparison to WordPress. Some drawbacks include:

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  • Some CMS’s are paid services: There is a price tag attached to most features
  • Many are newly established so therefore there are much improvements to be made as vulnerabilities are exposed
  • Many are lacking in credibility
  • A large percentage are closed source
  • Many provide limited or no commercial manuals
  • Many have limited or no built-in blog application
  • Some do not provide the flexibility to reuse content
  • Many do not have drag-and-drop content capabilities
  • Some charge for professional hosting or provide the service in a limited capacity.


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