There are many different aspects of social media and it can get very overwhelming. Let’s make your workload easier by sharing our top 6 Social Media Marketing Tools to help you organize!

Here’s our list of the top social media marketing tools every marketer should be using in 2018.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the best scheduling platform. It allows you to schedule posts for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can create, manage, schedule, and publish your posts using this platform. If you are a social media manager, you can add all your accounts you manage to Hootsuite.

Even though it can cost money, it is worth it. It also provides analytics for you to take into consideration before continuing to create more content. By looking at the analytics, you can see which type of posts did well and which didn’t. Hootsuite is very well known and many big businesses like Herschel, WWF, and David’s Tea use it.

2. Canva

This FREE platform is a go-to for many social media marketers as it’s an easy platform to make graphics. They have different templates, fonts, colours, images. It’s as simple as dragging the item onto the page and sizing it correctly.

3. Evernote

Stay focused and on top of things! Evernote allows you to create lists and check them off as you go. You can create different notebooks to keep your professional and personal life separate

4. Slack

Slack can be your virtual office. These days, so many of us work on our laptops and don’t physically go to an office. Slack allows you to communicate with your colleagues.

It isn't only for internal communication, but to create online groups as well. To be in a group, you have to be invited and then you can chat with the people within that community.

5. Grum

Instagram is very popular right now. It has integrated business tools and allows businesses to promote their service or/and goods. Grum is the best scheduling tool for Instagram and allows you to plan and create multiple posts in one sitting. Now you never have to worry and turn on your phone alarm to post on time.

6. Quuu

Want to populate a feed and not let it waste your precious hours?

Quuu will create and post content for you. All of the content has been hand-curated by real people to make sure it’s legit. Get more followers by letting Quuu fill up your profile with quality content.

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We are nearing 2018 and it’s time to step up your social media game. If you are a reader who either doesn’t have any social media accounts or struggling to embrace them - then this is for you!

Follow these four rules to SUCCEED!


1 - Dedicate time and be committed

To have a solid social media presence you need to spend a couple of hours a week and be constantly on top of things. Social media platforms (i.e. twitter) allow you to network with a variety of people and to make connections you are usually unable to make. BUT, to master the art of virtually building relationships takes time and devotion! For example, if a potential customer asks a question on one of your platforms and doesn’t receive an answer within twenty-four hours - heck even a couple of hours - you can lose that customer. Their thoughts and demands can change so quickly that by the time you reply, they have moved on to a different business or have changed their minds.

2 - Quality, not quantity

Your content needs to be able to stop a follower who is sifting through their feed, catch their attention, and have them click the link or your profile. It needs to be pretty damn good. If you have lots of crap content going out daily, people will begin to unfollow. Create up to four personas representing your target audience when you are creating content. Use them to guide you to the content that your followers will enjoy.

What to post:
Internal content: stuff you create
External content: stuff you find
Inspirational content - stuff that positively influences a follower
Promotional content - stuff that acquires leads/customers
Behind the scenes - stuff that showcases your culture

3 - Know your target audience and use it

It doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of time creating social media content if no one is listening. Learn who your audience is and target them specifically to create a community on your social media platforms. Figure out your audience demographic (genders, ages, locations, interests) by doing research, using common knowledge, and looking at analytics.

Engage with others:

How to find the right people:

4 - Trial and error - fix and repeat

Social media is always changing so it’s important you know how to adapt with it. Keep up with the new stuff by actively being on social media.

If you realize that you aren’t getting the interaction you had hoped for one type of post, find out why and change it for a better response. Use the tools that have been made for this exact situation. There are so many programs out there that gather all the information and put it together for you.

Suggested tools:

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