I was looking for a way to optimize my Instagram bio link and I discovered Shorby. But at $9/month for a page that I will change maybe one or two times a year, I decided to do the same result with DIVI builder. You will find at the bottom of the article a link to download the free DIVI layout.

If you are using DIVI, you know that it is pretty easy to build buttons, social media network or add images. Just have to make sure it is responsive for mobile since it is your target device. It took me less than 20 minutes to do it and here is the result:

DIVI Layout for your Instagram Bio Link

You can see it in action here in our Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/wpexpertca/

Pretty nice and simple right? Now, you can download this free DIVI layout below. You will need to edit to your needs of course!

Free DIVI Download: Free Divi Layout - Instagram bio link (181 downloads)

Enjoy. Fred

I am always fascinated on how DIVI is powerful. Recently, I came across free music on Wistia website and it gave me the idea to create a page with DIVI music player. I was looking at a creative way to embed the music and an easy way to download the file.

And Voila! Here is the result - Free Music collection DIVI layout on the side!

For all DIVI lovers, you can download the free DIVI layout here: WP Expert - Free Music Collection layout (5408 downloads)

To Install this DIVI layout, just create a new page, edit with DIVI builder and import the layout. 

Here is all the album songs:

Songs From the Vault
Songs From the Vault (5225 downloads)

The Let 'Em In Sessions
The Let 'Em In Sessions (5204 downloads)

The Sidecar Sessions
The Sidecar Sessions (5168 downloads)

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