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Frederic & Guido
Darshini Persaude Avatar
Darshini Persaude
4/01/2021 - Google

Fred and the WP Expert team have been fantastic and responsive to our needs. I would definitely recommend them.

Directrice Générale Avatar
Directrice Générale
3/21/2021 - Google

Depuis longtemps, Frédéric offre au Centre espoir Sophie des services de bonne qualité, très réactif, il a su s’adapter à nos besoins et contraintes de fonctionnement. Nous lui en sommes reconnaissantes!

Chantal Avatar
2/04/2021 - Google

This team led by Fred is top notch. They are always available to troubleshoot any updates as needed and have been proactively managing and hosting several of our project websites for us without issue for several years. They've also worked closely with us to empower us to update and maintain or sites independently as well but are there when/if we need them. Special thanks to Fred for his outstanding service and deep technical expertise.

Desmond Hutchinson Avatar
Desmond Hutchinson
1/28/2021 - Google

WP are Experts at what they do, they make all efforts to meet customer requirements. Whenever, there are possible difficulties, WP find appropriate solutions.

victoria walsh Avatar
victoria walsh
1/26/2021 - Google

Continues to be the best experience with a web designer/IT professional to date! Always replying to my concerns quickly and taking action. The best is also having easy-to-understand explanations provided, and roadblocks cleared so that I can continue to succeed with my business online.

Taras Klymyshyn Avatar
Taras Klymyshyn
1/14/2021 - Google

Professional, knowledgeable, friendly.

Bonnie Weppler Avatar
Bonnie Weppler
11/12/2020 - Google

Years ago, The Church Council on Justice and Corrections has contracted with WP Expert to design, update and care for our website. When changes are needed, it is easy to contact WP Expert, they reply very quickly and the updates are made almost immediately. We have had no issues with WP Expert and expect to continue with them for years to come. I highly recommend WP Expert

Video Uploads Avatar
Video Uploads
10/29/2020 - Google

We had our site hacked and it was down for almost a week. After searching for a "WordPress expert" on Google, we found WP Expert. Frederic had us back up in under 2 hours! We are more than happy to be his 37th 5-star review.

Michelle Csiernyik Avatar
Michelle Csiernyik
10/21/2020 - Google

Thank you WP Expert Team for the great job you did on building our forum. My experience working with you has been seamless and I appreciate you keeping me updated with every step. I am also very happy that this project will be completed before the deadline! I look forward to our phase two of the project :)


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