Looking to learn WordPress? Check the University of Wisconsin free course!

Amazing! The University of Wisconsin Offers Free Course on Creating WordPress Websites.

This is your chance to learn WordPress in less than 3 months for free. The program is complete and get everything you need to know on how to build a site, manage it and promote it.

This course will give you hands-on experience with this powerful website building tool. Throughout the course, you will build a WordPress site, while learning how to design pages, add engaging content, and customize your site's look and feel. By course completion, you will be able to maintain a secure site that achieves high search engine rankings.

Here is the title of the lessons:

1 Getting Started With WordPress
2 Creating a Blog
3 Making a WordPress Website
4 Making Your Pages Look Great
5 Working With Images and Multimedia
6 Plugins: The Modular Solution for Functional Websites
7 Making a User-Friendly Website
8 Polishing Your WordPress Website
9 Getting Search Engines to Love Your Website
10 Making the Most of Statistics and Social Networking
11 WordPress Security and Monetization
12 Mastering Your Domains

UPDATE, July 2nd 2020: The course has been removed...

Check the course here: https://www.ed2go.com/stevenspt/online-courses/creating-wordpress-websites-self-paced-free/

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