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How to get the pagination URL back in your DIVI blog

By: Frederic

How to get the pagination URL back in your DIVI blog

It started like this, one of my clients mentioned that when they were on page 3, for example, of their blog posts in the grid mode, if they click on an article, they can see it but when they hit the back button of the browser, it sent them back to the page 1! I never noticed this before so I tested it on my site ( and there it was the same issue. So I searched the DIVI forum, and I found that the DIVI Blog grid is using AJAX to have a “sticky” URL.

For example, if you go to my blog, the URL is and if you scroll down to “Older Entries”, and go over, you will see the URL like this but after you click on it, the browser URL will still be That is the sticky URL. And this is why my client saw the problem…

Good news, there is a solution and thanks to Eduard on Git-Hub! If you follow those instructions: you will be able to deactivate the AJAX Sticky URL and get the /page/ URL back in the browser. I did it for my client and it fixed the issue.

I created an archive below (as of April, 4th 2018) which I implemented and worked on, but I definitely recommend going to Git Hub to get the last version.