How Can Google+ Help increase Your SEO?

How Can Google+ Help increase Your SEO?

Google Plus was initially viewed as something of a failure by the social networking community. So far, it hasn’t proven to be the Facebook killer that everyone hoped it would be. Its user-base is nowhere near as expansive as Zuckerberg’s behemoth. But Google Plus has one major advantage: it’s made by the people behind the most popular search engine on the web.

So before you groan over being advised to use yet another social network, think about the significance of a social network designed by Google. Google’s products have traditionally had many layers of interaction, and Google Plus is no different. Several aspects of Google Plus makes it an idea social network for those who would like to increase their SEO footprint.

Social Media Has an Increasing Impact on SEO

Social media in general is rapidly becoming a bastion for future SEO development. This year, Searchmetrics published a report claiming that seven of the top eight factors that correlate with a high search engine rank are social network-related – what are called “social signals.”

On that list were Tweets, Facebook likes, Facebook shares and Pinterest pins. And topping out the list was Google +1s, beating out “Number of Backlinks.” That’s mighty impressive, and though we have to remember that these are correlations, not causations, it’s clear that Google Plus is something to look out for in the SEO space.

And most industry analysts believe that social signals will only become more important as the SEO industry evolves.

Google Plus is Google Search Friendly

There has been some speculation that Google favors Google Plus pages over others. Though it’s hard to substantiate this, it is clear that Google wants Google Plus to be a factor in searches.

If you’ve begun to see author’s pictures showing up next to articles in Google’s search engine, you’ve already experienced the benefits of Google Plus. Google is calling this “Google Plus authorship.” It’s a way to group all the content written by one person into a single Google Plus account. It’s pretty easy to set up and it allows users to find other content you’ve written quickly, a major plus for you. If you’d like to set one up, check out our quick tutorial(LINK TO HOW TO HERE).

But more important is that picture of your face beside the content you’ve written. So much of SEO is presenting content in ways that encourage clickthroughs, and this certainly meets that requirement. In fact, some estimates claim that simply having a Google Plus picture increases clicks by as much as 150%.

The Joys of Personalized Search

Google Plus is part of Google’s unified user platform, which means that what people like on Google Plus influences their searches. If someone likes your page on Google Plus, it’s theoretically more likely that your website will show up in their search results more often. Just like any social network, Google Plus allows people to like, follow, and add you to their circles. All of these things are likely to affect users’ search results down the line.

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