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From Market Research to Facebook Ads and Sales funnels

We’re not a digital marketing agency.

We’re not satisfied with doing the bare minimum!

Did you know that 78% of CEOs think marketers don’t focus on ROI?
We do.

We want you to achieve your goals thus it’s all about the results.

Market Research

Finding answers to the following questions:

  • Can’t market to everyone! What’s your target market? What’s your niche?
  • Who is your buyer? What’s your buyer persona?
    • Demographics (age, location, gender, income level, education level, marital or family status, and occupation)
    • Psychographics (personality, attitudes, values, interests/hobbies, lifestyles, and behavior)
    • Who are your top 5 main competitors?
      • What are their website’s main traffic sources?
      • How their sales funnels and paid ads look like?

Fixed price at $300

Sales Funnel

What’s included:

  • An ad copy for the Landing Page.
  • An ad copy for TYP (thank you page / a transition page).
  • An ad copy for the Sales Page (product pages with prices).
  • Setting up an email drip campaign: writing content for a series of 7-10 auto-responder emails.
  • Up to one hour of email and web support.

Fixed price at $650

(if you don’t have answers to the Market Research questions (above) then that cost has to be added as this is the basis)

FB ad campaign (initial set-up)

  • Initial set up and creation of a few ads
    • Research keywords and targeting.
    • Creating the ad plan.
    • Creating the actual imagery and writing the ads copy.
    • Setting up the campaigns, making sure the tracking codes are installed on the website.
    • Creating the actual imagery and the copy for the ads.
    • Uploading the ads.

Fixed price at $650

(if you don’t have answers to the Market Research questions (above) then that cost has to be added as this is the basis)

FB ad campaign monthly ad management fee

Facebook ads require much more work than for example Google Adwords, which you can set and forget. Successful Facebook ads campaign requires constant monitoring.

  • Manage and run FB campaign on a regular basis. This includes:
    • Check if the ads are performing well.
    • Refresh ads on a continual basis, so relevance score doesn’t drop and ad’s cost aka CPC and CPM rates don’t rise.
      • Edit budget, audience, placement options and creative (test images, headlines and content)
    • Setting up a few different ads for every campaign.
    • Do A/B testing, constantly improve the results

PRICE STARTS AT $650 /month minimum (or 25% of adspend budget if the budget is ≥ $2,500/ month)

Website’s Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

What’s included:

  • Broadly assessing website and provide a targeted overview of what aspects to enhance on the website to increase sales/subscriptions/appointment bookings.
  • You will receive a detailed data-driven report outlining:
    • The most strategic places to integrate testimonials, customer reviews – including Google My Business and Facebook reviews – trust seals, and other elements of “social proof” throughout your site.
    • A summary of up to the top 5 most important changes to make right now to help increase sales/subscriptions or appointment booking, and subsequent revenue.
  • Detailed recommendations for implementation, prioritized by the importance that you can easily hand-off to your web developer.
  • Up to one hour of email and web support.
  • As a separate project, I can work with your web designer/developer to implement suggested changes.

Any report edits, or additional email/web support will be provided at a rate of $125/hr.


Fixed price at $650

Email marketing

  • Writing content for a series of 15 emails that should be sent out throughout the month.
    • The idea is to provide great value to your clients via emails
    • 30% of those emails will promote your business and encouraging them to buy now and send them to a sales page.

$400/month minimum

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