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Did you know that 78% of CEO's think that marketers don’t focus on ROI?

@ WP Expert We Do!

We want you to achieve your goals and we offer great services to help you reach them.

Digital Marketing Services

Conversion Rate Optimization - CRO

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

What’s included:

  • Broadly assessing your website, we’ll provide you with a data-driven assessment which suggests what aspects you can change on your website to increase sales, subscription, or appointment bookings.
  • You’ll receive:
    • A detailed, data-driven report outlining the most strategic places to add elements like testimonials, trust seals, and Call To Action (CTA) buttons.
    • A summary of up to the top 5 most important changes to test to help you increase your key conversion metrics.
    • Detailed recommendations for implementation, prioritized by importance, that you can be easily implemented.
    • Up to one hour of email and web support.
A/B Testing of Your Website

A/B Testing of Your Website

What’s included:

  • A/B testing is considered the “gold standard” of web testing. It is a process in which two elements, or variants, of a website are concurrently shown to visitors. The version that converts better wins, and should be implemented on your website, to improve conversions.
  • To help you improve conversions, we conduct accurate, valid, statistically significant, and insightful A/B tests.
  • You’ll receive:
    • A list of the best testing ideas, outlined, and explained.
    • A complete testing roadmap, listing the best suggested tests to run first.
    • Tests designs that are set-up, ready to run.
    • A thorough results analysis with suggested implementation instructions.
    • Regular updates on ways to continuously optimize your site and improve conversions.
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Market Research

Finding answers to the following questions:

  • You can’t market to everyone!
    • What’s your target market?
    • What’s your niche?
  • Who is your buyer? What’s your buyer's persona?
    • Demographics (age, location, gender, income level, education level, marital or family status, and occupation)
    • Psychographics (personality, attitudes, values, interests/hobbies, lifestyles, and behavior)
  • Who are your top 5 main competitors?
    • What are their website’s main traffic sources?
    • What do their sales funnels and paid ads look like?

Sales funnel

What’s included:

  • An ad copy for the landing page.
  • An ad copy for the TYP (thank you page / transition page).
  • An ad copy for the sales page (product pages with prices).
  • Setting up an email drip campaign: writing content for a series of 7-10 auto-responder emails.
  • Up to one hour of email and web support.

FB Ad Campaign (Initial Set-Up)

What’s included:

  • Initial set up and creation of a few ads
    • Research keywords and targeting.
    • Create the ad plan.
    • Create the actual imagery and write the ads' copy.
    • Set up the campaigns, making sure the tracking codes are installed on the website.
    • Create the actual imagery and the copy for the ads.
    • Upload the ads.

FB Ad Campaign Monthly Ad Management Fee

Facebook ads require much more work than for example Google Adwords, which you can set up and forget. Successful Facebook ads campaign requires constant monitoring.

  • Manage and run FB campaigns on a regular basis. This includes:
    • Checking the ads are performing well.
    • Refreshing ads on a regular basis, so the relevance score doesn’t drop and ad’s cost rates don’t rise (CPC and CPM).
      • Editing budgets, audiences, placement options and creative content (test images, headlines and content)
    • Setting up a few different ads for every campaign.
    • Doing A/B testing, constantly improving the results
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From market research to Facebook ads and sales funnels

We’re not satisfied with doing the bare minimum!

We’re different then other digital marketing agency's.

Email Services


Email Marketing

Writing content for a series of 15 emails that should be sent out throughout the month.

  • The idea is to provide great value to your clients via emails
  • 30% of those emails will promote your business, encourage them to buy now and send them to a sales page.
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Did you know that we can help you setup your mailing list?

Yes, we can!

We will help you to setup your account with your preferred email marketing tool & integrate it on your website in no time .

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