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5 Essential WordPress Plugins

Last week, we showed you how to install and manage your WordPress plugins. But what use would a guide like that be without a few fancy new plugins to install? Sure, you could head on over to’s plugin section and check out the featured plugins, or even the most popular plugins, but we want […]

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Plugin: Tweetily - Tweet Your Posts Automatically

Tweetily, by Flavio Martins, will randomly select a post or page and tweet it automatically to drive traffic to your site. You set the time, number of tweets, and the type of content to share and Tweetily will do the rest. Promoting and sharing your old content to your audience has never been easier. Just […]

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tool: How to Install WordPress Through SSH, CPanel, Plesk, FTP or Github

The WordPress platform is actually very simple to install to a Linux web hosting account. However, installation of the WordPress platform will differ based on the options that are provided with your hosting account. For example, some hosting accounts will utilize the CPanel administrative application for managing your hosting account. CPanel often includes software that […]

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Tool: WordPress Cheat sheet

A free WordPress cheat sheet for WordPress theme designers and/or developers created by Paul Maloney. It includes everything you would want to know whilst designing and developing a WordPress theme. Download

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Plugin: Maintenance Checklist

When supporting WordPress websites, a necessary evil is the tedious tasks of on-going maintenance. Tasks that fall under on-going maintenance are backups, spam & trash comment removal, database optimization, and much more. What Maintenance Checklist provides is an easy to understand checklist for things that need to be completed on your WordPress site. These tasks […]

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Ebook: WordPress Blogging Guide

Traffic stagnating? Visitors staying away? Need to kick start your WordPress? This free eBook is for you. The WordPress Blogging Guide, is a how-to for becoming a kick-ass blogger with WordPress. It consists of nearly fifty pages and six thousand words of content, in three sections: Blogging Essentials Monetization Social & Analytics What’s more, it’s […]

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Plugin: MP6 - Change CSS Admin display

This plugin is a secret; don't tell anybody about it. Simplifying the wp-admin UI is a challenging task, as flattening the icons showed us when you improve one thing it just makes all of the other out of date elements stand out more. Trunk isn't terribly well-suited for UI iteration, so this plugin is a […]

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Plugin: WP-TopBar - Add multi top-bar

Create MULTIPLE TopBars that will be shown at the top (or bottom) of your website. TopBars are randomly selected based on the criteria you select, including start time, stop time and more. You can provide a weighting to skew selected TopBars to show up more often. We made this so customizable and easy to change […]

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Theme: Montezuma a responsive theme

Montezuma is a responsive, customizable and search engine optimized HTML5 / CSS3 theme. Choose between responsive, flexible and static layouts. Edit or create new page templates online, without FTP uploads. Add custom widget areas everywhere. Slideshow for standard WP galleries, auto post thumbs, advanced excerpts, Google fonts, transparent color picker, import/export settings and more. This […]

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Ebook: Getting Started with WordPress

This “Getting Started” handbook offers an introduction to WordPress, the amazing open-source website platform. Learn the basics of setting up your domain name and hosting, installing WordPress and getting familiar with the WordPress dashboard. You’ll also learn about WordPress themes and plugins, how to create your first post or page and how to optimize your […]

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